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About The Parker Press

Welcome to the All New Parker Press!
The Parker Press has changed, and you are here to witness it! In the spirit of keeping up with technology, we have transformed the newspaper into a website.  Keep in mind this is an ever-evolving work in progress which will have content added as we move forward.  What you are seeing now is the result of much "behind the scenes" work done by the staff that went into building the website. 

We are hoping you'll like the new format and would love to hear your opinions in the comments (remember to keep them school-appropriate!).  We are just starting this new phase of The Parker Press, so please be patient as we continue to add content and improve the website as we go along.  Thanks!

2016-2017 Staff

Samuel Calpino
Taree Evans
DaYahni Harris
Tucker Harris
Declan Hughes
Lauren Matthews
Liam Nelson
Manuel Paz-Estrada
Aria Sline
Niela Williams

The Parker Press is sponsored by Mr. C. Janotta and Mrs. Hayden