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By Stephanie Flores

    I have always been the adventurous one of my sisters. It's just the four of us, my name is Fire, I do have a bit of a
temper and I'm very outgoing and adventurous and I have hair made of flames and sunspot sneakers with a ruby dress engulfed with flames dress that I made. It is so sparkly and red and glows, it's simple science. 
Water has a
waterfall for hair and a pretty darn cute lake dress with shoes made of bubbles of water. Earth has really long hair and it is a garden of every kind of flower there was ever discovered, she loves nature and being outdoor but she doesn't like to go places and explore like I do, but she sure does love playing in the dirt,she wears a long dress with flowers on it and has some dirt spot
s but she seems fine with it and she twirls around the forest 24.7. Wind is the youngest and I am the oldest then comes Water and earth we are all at least 20 seconds apart. 

    Wind is the sweetest, caring most honest sister I could ever have. She is one of the quadruplets because she was the last one out and that makes her the youngest--oh our mother is Mother Nature just so you know. Wind loves to be in the clouds during summer and sometimes when she feels happy she'll send down a breeze. She works really hard in winter and fall but not so much spring;without my little sis there would never be any wind around. She wears a fitted mermaid wedding dress covered in white, and she loves wedding dresses covered in diamonds with no shoes because it's so warm and comfortable in the clouds that when you try to get her down she'll throw a fit. She also has medium sized hair made up of clouds.

    Well, now that we all know each other I was in my room on my bed reading a book I found on one of the many adventures I had before in search and thirsting for a new and legendary ultimate adventure. I flipped to a page with a beautiful rose 
that caught my eye as soon as I turned the page and I read all about it and the adventure that was in the paragraph below the gorgeous photo. The flower was named “Floresstadgia” and it read that the one who brave enough to fight monsters for it word be bestowed “A legend warrior”. It also came with a map. This was a life long destiny that I needed to fulfill. So I packed the book in my book bag and some coal for food, a month supply of blue fire water, a sleeping bag, and some spicy Doritos. I ate them right away. I told my sisters that they were in charge until mom or I returned.

    Day One: The map said that it was just 100,000,000 miles across orchids ocean and that it was guarded by orchids goblins as tall as 480 feet tall and anyone they see say that they will stomp on you.But I also had brought some potions that I had collected along my adventures and I had an invisibility potion along with other potions so I was ready for this but I don't know how I was supposed to bring a boat to get there but I did bring a submarine and I know you are wondering that how will I carry that around.Wow you guys don't know that I have a potion to shrink so I can just spray it on and I have a make me big potion, I have it all you name it. I was walking down a path and I finally found orchids ocean and I could see from 300 feet away a orchids monster was HUMONGOUS orchids
monster and so I shrank the submarine and myself and it didn't see us but it sure did hear me so he called out 20 more orchid goblins and they were looking everywhere for me but I went underwater and went really down turn on my lights and grew to my normal size and drank the invisible potion and turned invisible and was now 90 miles away when the invisible potion wore off and the submarine disappeared and I had to swim up to. Death but that meant that I had to be seen from the goblins but no choice I needed to survive so I swam up and as you know I was seen and the ran after me and I needed to grow up into their size and defer them so I sprayed it on me and a bow and arrow and it was a very hard battle and every time I threw the arrow they sucked but I threw it left and it went right I threw it right and it went left I threw it right and went right and got hit same for all of them, I knew all of this this was not hard at all really but then 100 of them came back and I had to fight them off with my bare hands because I had ran out of arrows and it was easy because they were made of orchids and that I am their size and I could just burn them to flames so it ended and started to raining and more were coming and I was already so tired and so I shrank back and ran and swam the rest onto island and that got me so weak and tired and then they saw me and I was to weak to run so I just lay there and just before it could squash me lightning struck down all of them down and killed them all and as I looked it was my mother she just smiled and said “I will watch over you tonight my darling, now you rest, tomorrow is a big day of a new adventure.” she said as I drifted to sleep on the sandy desert.

    Day Two: I woke up in the morning in the desert but under a shade my mother had made and she had made me 

breakfast. Lava milkshake and mashed up coal cereal. I had breakfast and then opened my book and read about this 

desert and said that there was a sand snake that was as big as the biggest pyramid and in it was a map closer to the 

map because the map didn't come whole so it meant I had to get eaten swallowed anything it saw and it was 

underground but I wasn't worried because I was strong but not yesterday but today I am and as soon as I got up I 

fell on my hand and it hurt real bad and I couldn't move it but I just had to keep going I could look at it when I was 

done with the quest  and I just wrapped it in tin foil. I wrapped up everything and started walking when I hear 

something weird.Loud,louder,louder. A rattle! I started to be aware of my surroundings and all it was was a baby 

rattlesnake it wasn't urgent so I walked away and then it hissed then I heard a big tremble and the rattlesnake 

started to fly? Nope, it was actually the tongue of THE GIGANTIC SAND SNAKE!!! I ran as fast as I could but the I 

realized that I needed it to eat me so I can go down its throat and find a way out, but there is now way I am going to 

go that “way” out so I stopped and it swallowed me down its throat and I went down there and it was pitch black so I 
sprayed some light potion down the throat and it was light I didn't see anything and I crawled up and down and I 

didn't find it so I gave up and was gonna have to guess where the next place is so I just tickled it's through the and it 

barfed me out. And I was covered in slime and on the floor. The snake hissed and whined and went into a ditch and 

diapered. “Well, that's that now where would I be if I were the next place to find the Floresstadgia Flower to make 

me the best legend their ever was but I didn't know how, so I just sat there, in vomit and thought I was not about to 

give up so I got up and walked straight to the pond water made for me. While I was asleep mom brought water and 

Water made me a pond. I looked in it, closed my eyes and said “ You are a winner, You will get there, no matter 

what the distance.” I opened them and I couldn't believe my eyes the map from the snake’s throat was in my hair 

stuck to me by a piece of barf. I screamed and cheered and yelled and I looked at it but it was getting late and I 

smelled like a garbage truck running over a skunk who ate burritos and egg salad for dinner, so I just decided that I 

was gonna shower and sleep where my mom had made for me (where I woke up) nod look at it good tomorrow. I 

lost my appetite that night for dinner.

    Day Three: I woke up and was starving so I ate coal flakes for breakfast and lava as my milk with toast that I had burnt on purpose and spicy bagels. I washed the map off and read it and I remember reading that this place was abandoned because of these monsters and so the map read a stupid riddle that I never get that I need to figure out to find the next location. I read it and then read it aloud “
Many people ride on me, but I never move, I twist and turn but never move.” REALLY! A RIDDLE!!! I threw the paper and it landed upside down and I threw a fit but I calmed down and picked it up and when I did on the back was the answer “ A Highway ” “ yes thank you whoever wrote or made this map” I said in relief “I think I need to find a highway” it also said that find a way to decay the bat and the next paper would be there “that doesn't make sense, but I'm just gonna go with it.”I questioned. Ok. So I started to look for a highway and the map said that it was 200 miles away, “not to worry, I have a mini car that I can make big and drive”. So I did and I would be there in no time.

When I got there all I saw was a broken, messed up, abandoned highway.
And I saw something moving and it looked the same as the highway and it was scary looking then I realized that it was a huge vampire bat that was 56 feet tall and it hissed at us and flew up in the air and then stopped at 5000 feet high and started to soar down and stuck out its razor talents and tried to snatch up but I knew that the bats will be blind to light and then I just drank light potion and man was it disgusting and I shun a bright as the sun light and the bat stopped and hissed and slowly decayed but before it could finish decaying it bit my hand and it hurt so bad I bled about 8-10 tablespoons of blood and I wrapped that in tin foil and kept bleeding a hurt real bad but I had healing potion but it takes 24 hours to take affect so I just put some on anyway. I was sleepy and got a refreshing drink of lava milkshake and got sleepy and I saw the card but I was to sleepy to read it so hard just fell asleep with my hand hurting and a milkshake in my stomach.

    Day Four: I woke and made myself breakfast. I had black pepper stew, that I made and it was delicious. My last destination the map read was the matthiola mountains and that was where I had to tame a wild and vicious mountain lion. If I did tame it the mountain lion will bring me the last map part and I will find the Floresstadgia flower and granted me something I desperately want. A true legendary explorer/traveler it also read NO MAGIC FOR THIS ONE!. This will probably be a little harder but I need to do this for an awesome reward. So I climes the dangerous high mountains without the proper equipment and it was very hard and cold but then I realized that things were only going to get harder because I had heard a growling noise I felt really weak and cold and tired of climbing that I fell to the ground and I couldn't get up because of my injury that I just started to cry water and I remembered my sisters Water,Earth, and Wind and I miss them so much I started to cry I wanted this so badly but I couldn't go in any more I laid there and pretty soon I felt as if I had gotten frostbite and hyperthermia and I couldn't move and I saw a shadow come towards me and then I lost all hope and closed my eyes and I can't remember what happened next.

    Day Five: I woke up pretty darn hungry but I wasn't cold or dead and I felt something breathing on me and liking my ears, as I slowly turned around I saw something with two eyes and a pointy nose I thought is this how I go out. I drank a little bit of light and it lit and I saw… A BABY MOUNTAIN LION! Was this what I had to tame I cuddled with it and hugged it and then two more mountain lions entered to be a cave I was in and they hissed and threw scratches at me and I was so scared that I was crying for help when the baby hissed at them and threw scratches at them too and it sounded like they were communicating and the mountain lions turn to me and all licked my hand and it seemed as if not me but a little someone that has saved me and tamed them for me. The baby gave me the last piece to the map and I hugged her real good and saw the map and it said that there was a misplaced rock in the cave behind me and that if you push it, you will see what you were looking for. I saw an unusual rock, I pushed and in split in half and there I saw it was the Floresstadgia flower and I got it and I opened it and it shone a light and I was lifted I wore a crown with my name and read legendary adventurer and I also wore a beautiful gown and a medal that said the same as the crown but I am not like that so i just took off that dress and left the crown and medal on and I opened the portal of flames back home I said goodbye to the cat and kissed him on the head and went into the portal and went home. It took me home my sisters cheered as they saw me and we were all happy and they congratulated me and they all wanted to accomplish something of their own so not only did I accomplish something for me but I inspired my siblings to make a dream and follow it. I wore it everyday and had more and more adventures everyday and lived with my sisters and mother and I was now a legend and I gave the rose to my mother and she put it on the desk at her office. I am Fire Flores 13 years old and I love any adventure.

More adventures still await but until that time of a destiny adventure, goodbye.