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      I do not know much about Life from before. All I know is that it was absolutely terrible, at least that's what They told us. Let me give you a brief synopsis of the new way of Life. To begin, by new I mean better, futuristic, and most of all easier. Next, "They" are the Society. They don't like when we use the word "Society" though, as They say it makes them less powerful. They choose to be  anonymous. The most important thing about Life now is that everything is planned. They say it makes Life easier, less chaotic. Everything from the moment you have awoken to the moment you rest is planned. Everything from they second you are born to the second you pass is planned. 
  Now, time for information about me. For starters, right now I have leisure time, so I choose to write. I am not supposed to be telling you about Life now, but I feel that future Life forms should be able to look back on Life from before. They do not like for things to be recorded, remembered. They feel that if future forms of Life want to change the way things are done, those people shouldn't struggle to erase the past, as it took decades for the new Society to demolish all memories of the past Life. Now, back to me. 

   My name is Alarice, but my friends call me Alli. My best friend is a boy with the name of Gabriel. Also, I forgot, we are both 16 years of age. Gabriel is a bit of a rebel. He believes that They are brainwashing us. He thinks our Life is terrible. He believes people are to do as they choose. He spends most of his time leaving the Village that we live in and exploring other Villages, trying to find reminisce of Life from the past. So far he has told me that there was a thing called slavery that happened, and that people were tortured, and could never do as they chose. He said that they had to work very hard for no pay, and were taken from their homes and families. Gabriel compares slavery to Life today, but I do not believe we are being tortured. I must go, as my leisure time has ended, but I will get back to my writing tomorrow.