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The Last One

The Last One

By: Hailey Lunceford and Kany Ouedraogo

    I woke up with a start, and I realized I was in a bright room, nothing like my bedroom. The room was bright and I covered my eyes.

    What was going on? I was not in my hot pink bedroom, laying on my perfect bed, after a long night of arguing with my best friend Emma. I was in a small room, the lights brightly shining. I was laying—no, strapped down to a table.

    I tried to move my arm. Ow. A pain surged through my arm, and I realized that I was hooked up to an IV. It hurt so bad I hardly had time to realize my skin was bright blue. Not only blue, but green, red, and yellow. What? I thought I looked normal.

    I looked up and I saw two people with masks, staring at me. Both had black shades over there eyes. They poked at me with a rod.

    “What’s going on” I yelled struggling to try and escape.

    One of the men then turned and remarked, “Quiet you, before you end up like the rest of your kind--like your parents!"

    How could they know about my parents they died two years ago in a car crash, at least that's what everyone told me. We're was I and who were these people. More importantly what are they gonna do to me.

    They left me in a pitch black room for two days alone. No food and No water just air. But yet I wasn’t hungry. I was only scared. But on the third day they let me out, but why? (To be continued...)