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The Stress In My Soul

posted Feb 23, 2017, 6:17 AM by Chris Janotta

By Kiyah E. Roberts

I am 13

My brain is fried

Headaches and all

Because I grew.

School is killing me


My mother is shriveling in every

Act she must commit.

But stress.is still.digging.our graves.

We all have to learn

To be patient.

Because the one who is always


Is the one we miss the most.

I’d like to try many new things.


I also have to think about the


Surrounding me.

But stress.is still.digging.our graves.

The little brat with floppy ears and a slobber mouth that

lives here

For free.

Gives us much more responsibility.

He runs around like he is crazy.

The youngest waits by the door for the missed one to arrive.

The oldest dont listen to anyone.

They sit on their phones anticipating on replies.

And no one but me seems to notice.

But stress.is still. Digging.our graves.