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Is Chocolate Really Bad for You?

posted Nov 9, 2016, 1:47 PM by Chris Janotta

Is Chocolate Really Bad for You?

By: Taree Evans

Chocolate, Sweet, Candy

The answer is for you to decide. Chocolate provides some vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, which our bodies need according to HealthAliciousNess.com. Also, chocolate contains sugar which the body uses for quick energy.

Chocolate causes your brain to release serotonin to the brain which makes you happy.  According to AmanoChocolate.com, chocolate has natural antioxidants called epicatechin and flavanols, they help keep your blood flowing freely, lower your blood pressure, and decrease e of heart attacks and strokes, helps protect skin from UV damage,reduces wrinkles, and reduces stress. The darker the chocolate the better for health. Not every chocolate bar has these benefits. When a chocolate bar’s first ingredients on the label are milk and sugar, that’s what it’s full of, and it most likely does not have all the good benefits.

Chocolate has its advantages and its disadvantages.  It depends on how much you intake and your portions.  Chocolate can be addictive. Also, chocolate contains sugar, caffeine, very high oxalate content which could create kidney stones, and lead. (Livehealthy.chron.com)   So the question is up to you--is chocolate really bad for  you or really good?