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Kirby’s Epic Yarn Review Image result for kirbys  epic yarn

by Samuel G. Calpino

Okay. So before you turn the page because “oh, it's Kirby; it's not Madden or a shooter--skip!” this game is actually pretty fun, even if it's not like those.  

First of all,  it's like a massage. Why? BECAUSE ITS SO RELAXING. Everything is fluffy, and you can’t die, so the only way you could get stressed playing it is if you’re trying to get all gold medals.  Because if you’re doing that, the game will drive you INSANE.  But otherwise, this game is relaxing and fun, and relaxing + fun = awesome.

Anyway, let’s talk about the gameplay. It’s pretty simple: press 1 (the Wii’s version of the B button) to use a whip that can turn enemies into yarn balls.  Press 1 while holding something to throw it.  Press 2 (the Wii’s version of the A button) to jump,  2 while in the air to float,  and double tap right on the D-pad to turn into a car/move faster..

Image result for kirbys  epic yarn

Okay, so it’s not SUPER simple.BUT DID I MENTION YOU CAN TURN INTO A TANK. AND A UFO. AND A PENGUIN. AND A TRAIN. AND A...okay you get the point.

Still not convinced?  I don’t blame you.  Well then, let’s go over the story, something that most sports games and shooters don't have. Kirby tries to eat a tomato, the tomato belongs to yin-yarn, Kirby gets turned into yarn...that’s it. Okay, so there isn’t a lot to this game. But that's why I like it. It's simple, not super complex, and it’s UNIQUE (looking at you, sports games).

Anyway, this is the start of my series. Yes, I know Tucker will also be covering games, but he’s covering new ones, while I cover old ones.


By Tucker Harris

Hello and welcome to Geek Weekly,  here to give you the latest news on games today.


Calling All Batman Fans

A new Batman Arkham game is  coming out but, this time for Playstation VR. I’m not sure how to think about this, I haven’t played many Batman games lately, but it supposedly has an hour long storyline. VR games seem pretty cool, but I’m skeptical and still want to see how this plays out.

Forza Horizon 3

I personally want to see more open world games; that is why I want to get some hands-on  gameplay for the new Forza Horizon 3. The game is supposed to take place in all of Australia with over 300 fully customizable cars to play around with. Some of  the game-modes are drag races, helicopter races, and just normal races, but to be honest, all I’m going to do is ram into the terrain in funny ways!

Just In Time For Halloween

Scary things are not my forte to be honest. But fans of Resident Evil have had some time to try out “Resident Evil Biohazard,” and people are saying it’s a game that plays as a first person game where you walk a hallway many times. It’s more of an experience than a game, people say.

That’s all of the time I have right now. Thank you for reading my first article on Geek Weekly.  I’ll see you again soon!