The Rangers Need to do Something

By Declan Hughes

Hey y’all welcome to the column you will go to to find out about all the latest baseball news, trade rumors, and more! So this week I would like to talk about the team whose performance in the playoffs frustrated me. I’m talking about the Texas Rangers.

I was so mad because they won the AL title in the regular season, and what did they do? They went out to the postseason and got swept. By the wild card team. That is terrible. They didn’t get what they wanted out of Nomar Mazara and Ian Desmond. First of all, Nomar Mazara was supposed to be this super prospect or whatever. His first game was probably his only good one. He made a whole lot of errors the rest of the year and is bat went cold. So for Mazara they basically didn’t get what they wanted out of him for the whole year.

Next is Ian Desmond. He played well in the regular season. It was actually an all star year. Desmond was a good utility player. He can play short, outfield, and I think they should try him at first but that’s just me. He went out in the playoffs and didn’t do anything if I recall correctly. I know this because they got swept. By the wild card team. Ian Desmond just didn’t do as well as he could have in the postseason.

Recently the Rangers have been talking about trading both of them. I feel like they could be good next year. They have been speaking with the O’s (Orioles) about trading Ian Desmond. They’ve been speaking with the White Sox about Mazara. They should really do that trade :) That concludes this article! Tune in next time for more news.